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Hotel Catania

Just imagine a soul’s spot, where nature and relaxation, culture and tradition blend together.
A place of refuge immersed in the greenery of a park, the ideal place for those who want to escape from town or simply for those who wish to allow themselves a special vacation.
It is Villa Paradiso dell’Etna, a small jewel set in the sweet and diversified scenery on a hill at the foot of the majestic Etna volcano: a thousand different shades of green and gaudy colours of sweet-smelling flowers. The only disadvantage is to accustom oneself too well to an easy life … and then sooner or later you have to go home again.

The hotel Villa Paradiso dell’Etna, thanks to a more than decennial tradition and a fresh renovated look, shows itself like this: from the luxuriant century old park with a swimming pool to the hotel rooms, from the beautiful meeting rooms to the charming Roof garden where breakfast is served with a breathtaking view on the volcano of Mt. Etna. Every single space is conceived to give a warm welcome.
The hotel spaces are furnished with liberty style furniture with material and colours inspired from the Sicilian tradition, in order to give a soft and delicate idea of relax. A warm welcome in its elegant internal rooms furnished with love, fine antique furniture, romantic fireplaces and valuable textiles.
A moment of relief in a place where time, so to say, has stopped, and in which you will hearten yourself.
An awakening with the morning perfume and the smell of the orange blossom, in harmony with one’s own spirit and feeling…. and feel and to feel at home.

hotel Catania

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Hotel Villa Paradiso dell'Etna Villa Paradiso dell'Etna

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